Pop-in™ Options

A Pop-in™ event is not the same as a traditional photography experience, we offer the smallest possible bite of professional photography and book as many poppets as we can fit into the same day to keep our prices ridiculously low - so everyone gets a little bit of something valuable for as little money as possible.

To keep our events running efficiently, our portraits are always taken in the exact same way, and we offer special events with fewer bookings available for trickier shoots like sibling specials and family portraits.

So, what is a Pop-in™?

Monthly Pop-ins

These events are our most popular option. For just $20 a pop you can bring your children along for a super quick and easy portrait shoot in our trademark chair.

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At these events we take individual portraits only of children aged 6 days-16 years, and beautiful pregnant mamas who want to capture their growing bumps. If your little one isn't playing the game when its your turn, you can easily wait a bit longer until they settle in, then try again.

Because our Monthly Pop-ins are shot the same way each month these events are perfect for capturing a gorgeous collection of photos of your baby growing and changing each time.

Most parents choose to come along monthly for their baby's first year, then drop down to every 3 months in the second year to fit around returning to work. But there are no rules! Some of our poppets have come along every month since we opened and now have the most amazing collection of portraits showing them growing from day dot into what are now very cheeky, adorable toddlers - and we can't wait to see how they change next month!

Sessions typically take place midweek with weekend events available in selected locations only.

Quick notes: Individual portraits only, bumps babies and big kids are welcome, one photographer's choice digital image included with no alternatives to choose from, flexible 1 hour timeslots, each child takes just seconds to photograph, available once a month in every location, just $20 a pop.

Sibling Specials

In the mid-term school holidays most of our venues offer special events for you to have 2 or 3 children photographer together for $60 per booking.

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Sibling specials work just the same way Monthly Pop-ins do, with your best portrait chosen by your photographer and delivered to you within 7 days of your session. Your session fee includes one digital portrait only but we have been known to send through the occasional extra from time to time. You can optionally choose to add individual portraits to your sibling booking too ($20 a pop) so you only need to come along once in that month.

The price is the same whether you have one child or 3. More than 3 children can not be photographed at this event due to space and time restrictions.

Quick notes: Sibling specials are for 3 children maximum, session includes one gorgeous digital portrait chosen for you by your photographer for $60. Flexible 1 hour timeslots, wait times may be longer at sibling events. Available 2-4 times annually during the school holidays.

Mother's Day Pop-ins

This is our most highly anticipated event of the year! Taking place during April/May, it offers you a chance to capture a gorgeous portrait of your kids (max 3) with their Mum for just $50 a pop.

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Just like Monthly and Sibling events you will book a flexible 1 hour timeslot and Pop-in™ when it suits you best. The $50 session fee includes one digital portrait chosen by your photographer with no option to view alternatives. Most venues offer multiple Mother's Day events to meet demand, be sure to pre-register for this special to avoid missing out.

The price is the same whether you have one child or 3. More than 3 children can not be photographed at this event due to space and time restrictions.
Our Mum&Bub events also offer some great 'Extra' options, including the opportunity to bring nana along too.

Quick notes: For the ladies only, no blokes allowed (see our Father's Day specials below), flexible timeslot, $50 for one portrait delivered to your account within 7 days of your shoot. Extras are available.

Father's Day Pop-ins

Exactly the same as our Mother's Day Pop-in™, only this time just for the blokes, and available in August/September each year.

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Quick notes: For the blokes only, no ladies allowed (see our Mother's Day specials above), flexible timeslot, $50 for one portrait delivered to your account within 7 days of your shoot. Extras are available.

Christmas: Merry Pop-ins

Our very popular Christmas themed Pop-ins are exactly the same as our Monthly Pop-ins only with a gorgeous festive themed backdrop making for lovely colourful portraits.

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Some Merry Pop-in events include the option to add sibling portraits to your individual booking (+$60) and we now also have Christmas themed Family Pop-ins in some locations. Keep an eye out for this years updated theme, announced annually in our Popaholics facebook group.

Family Pop-ins

A $90 family shoot for up to two parents and one or two children. You get 5 minutes in the studio and 1-3 digital photos sent after the session in the usual Pop-in™ fashion.

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Unlike normal Pop-ins you will have a set session time for the 5 minutes, rather than a flexible hour timeslot. Punctuality is very important for these sessions as refunds are not available for those who miss their slot on the day. You may need to wait outside the studio until you are called.

We'll be aiming to get more than one photo for each family, but only so much is humanly possible in 5 minutes! If your children aren't playing the game during your session time, there is not much we can do about it - please bring prepared bribes for dire circumstances.

Your family will be photographed ALL TOGETHER ONLY, this is not like a mini or a normal shoot where different combos like Mum&Bub etc will be included too, it's the whole family together only, but maybe in a couple of different poses if time allows.

Families made up of FOUR OR MORE children, sorry this event is not for you, as we can't do you justice in 5 minutes. Please get in touch with your photographer to book a standard family shoot where you can get personal attention and plenty of gorgeous photos to choose from.

Ts & Cs: all the usual Pop-in™ policies apply (terms, privacy). Fees will be refundable only for muddled up bookings if you email us right away. If anyone in your family is sick on the day or you miss your spot and we can't fit you in later, sorry no refunds (someone else who missed out on booking could have come in the time you reserved, so it's only fair). On the day upgrades will not be available, so please plan carefully before locking down your spot. Family Pop-ins will be on specific dates, family portraits in the Pop-in™ format are not available at any other time. If you are unable to attend your Family Pop-in™ on the day you may be rescheduled to another available Family Pop-in™ event if any are available. Just like flights and concert tickets Pop-ins are not refunded nor credited in the event of your non-attendance, so please don't ask.

Quick notes: This $90 special is designed for families with up to two parents and one or two children. Families with 3 children can add the "Extra Child" Extra.

Milestone Mini

Capture your baby growing with a 15 minute mini portrait session, for babies aged 2 months and up and perfect for birthday celebrations!

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Our Milestone Mini sessions are the perfect compliment to your Pop-in collection, whether you opt for a mini every few months or just for your baby's birthday, you will leave with a collection of portraits that you will treasure forever. Milestone sessions include all of your best digital images so there is nothing else to pay and you get to keep them all. These shoots are for one child only and are just 15 minutes long. We recommend a milestone shoot for all littlies at 3 months, 6 months (sitting), 9 months (standing and ‘I can feed myself’).

These minis are perfect birthday celebration shoots too - free decorative set in any colour included! Children of any age/stage are welcome. Perfect for 100 days shoots or Diwali/Matariki/Christmas themed minis too! Select the 'cake smash' add on to BYO cake, this additional fee covers time and materials required for clean up. Milestone sessions are also perfect for quick and easy maternity sessions. To include a parent or a sibling in the shoot just use the 'extra child' add on option, please note your shoot will still focus mainly on the main child with a few additional ‘group’ shots added on (max 2 people per mini). If you've got a special idea, maybe a cool idea for a birthday present or a pregnancy announcement, we would love to hear about it, these mini sessions are perfect for those times when you just need a few great photos!

Quick notes: For $190 you will get a 15 minute shoot and will receive approx 10-20 images. Your Milestone mini session includes a decorated theme, you are welcome to bring along your own props to add to the set. We have lot's of decorations in a variety of colours.

All of our sessions can be rescheduled to any other event of the same type any time up to 24 hours before your booking, reschedules made within 5 days of your booking incur a $5 rebooking fee.
Cancellations are non-refundable within 24 hours of your booking, cancellations made more than 24 hours before your shoot are partially refunded 50% of the booking fee.
Refunds, replacements and reschedules are not offered in the instance that you do not like your portrait.